Five Months

Five Months

I realized this morning that it had been just over five months since I left the hospital. So much has happened since then, I’ve recovered to some degree, and I know now what my limitations are.

I distinctly remember coming home from the hospital. It was 16 December 2020, a cold, rainy, miserable day. Hal and I had to travel from Richmond home in an Über since Hal can no longer drive, and I couldn’t. I felt weak and miserable the entire trip, but at least I was going home.

The first thing I did was collapse into a chair in the living room because I was weak. That night, I tried to take a shower, but I couldn’t stand up and maintain my balance long enough to be successful. I wanted to cry. I was so frustrated and disappointed with myself.

It took me more than a week to have enough strength to shower. Hal would sit in the bathroom in case I fell for the first week. I was determined to do this by myself, and I eventually succeeded.

Now I enjoy taking luxurious showers twice a day. I remember how bad it felt in the hospital when I couldn’t shower because of all the tubes and sensors attached to me. I relish every second of water pouring over me, of the lather cleansing my skin, of the beautiful, fresh feeling after a shower.

I’m writing about this to remind myself that obstacles can be overcome. Perseverance and dedication will help, but the desire is the most crucial part.

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