Why am I in such a rush?

Why am I in a rush?

I have been re-evaluating myself over the last few days, and when it comes to my writing, I realize that less is more. I am guilty of posting articles I like without any thought about how this appears to the reader. I might be generating the content, but I am disappointed with the results.

As I’ve rediscovered meditation, I’ve learned again that there is no rush unless I make one. It is more important to do things right than to do them quickly. My writing and blogging are no exceptions. I need to focus more on writing posts like this one and less on cutting and pasting while calling myself a writer because when I do that, I’m just fooling myself.

So what if the quantity of my blog posts decreases? I want what I do post to be something that I’m proud of and something that comes from my heart.

“Fear is the mind-killer” Frank Herbert

This quote struck me as soon as I saw it. The truth is there in so few words for us to see. The quote sums up what my parents taught me, that fear prevents critical thought, and lack of critical review destroys the mind.

I am always trying to think about myself and the world around me. I have to learn the balance between outer and inner. My focus needs to be on myself, the inner, before worrying about the outside world where you have less control.

Every day I see examples of this quote in action. This is why I rail against certain political parties and religions. I hate to see people surrender to fear and extinguish the flame of their minds. However, I know that no matter what I say, those people are already lost. I hope to prevent others from surrendering to fear, even though it must be so attractive to let someone else rule you through fear.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” Frederick Douglass

Today’s meditation quote points out another aspect of the idea that we never achieve perfection because, to do so, we lose the struggle that defines us as human beings. I am struggling with stress caused by my health right now, but unless I find the correct way to fight the problem, I won’t get any better.

Too often, we feel like the struggle is pointless. That is nonsense. Some people give up, but they will always be stuck in the situation that causes them to give up in the first place. I was taught to analyze the obstacles facing me and then to find the best way to overcome them and to get to work to overcome those obstacles. Self-pity is for losers because it interferes with the struggle for success.