“Fear is the mind-killer” Frank Herbert

This quote struck me as soon as I saw it. The truth is there in so few words for us to see. The quote sums up what my parents taught me, that fear prevents critical thought, and lack of critical review destroys the mind.

I am always trying to think about myself and the world around me. I have to learn the balance between outer and inner. My focus needs to be on myself, the inner, before worrying about the outside world where you have less control.

Every day I see examples of this quote in action. This is why I rail against certain political parties and religions. I hate to see people surrender to fear and extinguish the flame of their minds. However, I know that no matter what I say, those people are already lost. I hope to prevent others from surrendering to fear, even though it must be so attractive to let someone else rule you through fear.

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