Inner Peace through Cooking

Finding Peace while Cooking

I spent the better part of this morning preparing a nice chuck roast for cooking. I made up a rub for the roast that consisted of salt, pepper, meat tenderizer, garlic, rosemary, seasoned salt, lemon herb seasoning, and Italian seasoning.

After making the rub, I put five potatoes, cut in halves into a pot with some avocado oil and water. I boiled the potatoes for 25 minutes to soften them up. At the same time, I cut up an onion, a green pepper, and some carrots.

Once the potatoes were finished, I mixed one cup of hot water with two tablespoons of beef broth to put in the Instant Pot with the roast. I also added some Worcestershire sauce over the roast. Then I layered in the veggies and potatoes, set the timer, and walked away to rest.

I quickly realized how much better I felt. Rather than wasting time on the internet, I had done something worthwhile. I found inner peace through cooking. I love that my mind was calm instead of racing out of control.

I need to cook more often.

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