Changing My Perspective

Changing my Perspective

I’ve got to stop blogging the way I’ve been doing for months. I’ve become far too eager to post with a snide comment and then walk away. In order to change this, I first must examine how it started.

January 6th was a terrible day for this country. Deranged and dangerously misguided people attacked this country while bizarrely thinking they were protecting it. Our nation has seen truth become an option rather than a fact, and this trend continues.

It is so easy for people to let others do their thinking for them. That way, they only have to mindlessly parrot pre-packaged talking points that make absolutely no sense if you take the time actually to read them. Just like religion, the QAnon lunatics have latched into gullible people in order to exploit them mercilessly.

People are entitled to their opinions, but those opinions should be based on facts, not conspiracy theories that talk about politically motivated child sex rings run from pizza parlor basements. None of those things are true. The pizza place doesn’t even have a basement!

When people who believe the big lies try to take power, I firmly believe they must be resisted, fought, and defeated. I served in the military, and these lunatics are the textbook definition of a domestic enemy. My father fought against the Nazis in WWII. He is turning in his grave, knowing that today’s Americans have so much in common with the Nazis. The blind obedience to a madman, the insane racial theories, the love of force, and the creation of scapegoats to cover their own insecurities.

Having explained all that, I will continue to resist these American Nazis but I will not forget the good things in life. I just need to change my perspective.