Leaving the old apartment

Closing Out a Bad Period in our Life

Today we turned in the keys to our old apartment. This was a huge relief for me because I am convinced that something in the air, mild or whatever, made me sick last year. All of the time spent in the hospital can, I believe, be traced back to the old apartment. I wish I could say that I breathe easier, but the damage has been done.

We moved about five miles down the road at the first of this month because we had saved up enough to leave the old place early. I have felt better, but am still weak. I can really focus more on my recovery without living in an environment that actually made me sick.

The COPD and shortness of breath will be with me for the rest of my life. Going back to work remains a possibility, but it seems less likely every day. I’ll be consulting my doctor next month.

The “walkthrough” of the old apartment was quick and they found nothing that could be held against us. It felt wonder to drive away for the last time. I’m never going back there; I’m only interested in moving forward from here.

Once we were finished, we made a few stops for necessities.