Depressing News

Depressing News

Hal and I took a break from moving items to the new apartment Thursday evening to call our friend in Pennsylvania to find out what is going on with him.

Our friend told us late last year that he has cancer. I don’t recall him saying what kind of cancer, but that is never good news. I’ve stayed in touch with him almost daily via text messages, and it always seemed that he was holding something back. I started to suspect that he was deliberately downplaying how seriously ill he is.

Hal and I both noted when he told us that it “looked like the beginning of the end,” which is never a good thing for someone to say. He referenced his grandfather, who also had cancer. I tried cheering him up and encouraging him to think positively, but he didn’t seem to want to right now. I understand that he must be in terrible pain, but I wish I could help him feel better.

Hal and I now fear the worst for him. We haven’t seen him since he moved up to Pennsylvania several years ago. Now we have to wonder if we will see him again at all. In a way, he put our unspoken fears to rest, but that doesn’t make us feel any better. We will continue trying to support him in any way we can because that is what friends do.

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