No Foolin’

No Foolin’

Today, Hal and I picked up the keys to the new apartment. The movers arrive tomorrow, and we will be ready. We took several loads of items to the new place in the Fiesta. I wish I had a larger vehicle, and I’m sure that the next one will be. The Fiesta has done a great job, but I’m getting older, and maneuvering myself in and out of the Fiesta can be challenging.

My day started with a visit to the cardiologist for a routine checkup. Everything seems ok to me, and the cardiologist agreed that I’m making progress. After that visit, I went back to the old apartment so Hal and I could take some items to the new apartment.

Then we drove to the new apartment complex to get our keys, and then we began taking things into the new apartment. We made several more trips before nightfall. We’re ready for the movers to arrive tomorrow morning.

I know that tomorrow will be hectic, but once it is over, we can relax and arrange things at our leisure. We are so glad to finally get this move started. The chaos is worth it as far as we’re concerned. The new apartment is so much more excellent, plus we both breathed easier. The atmosphere in the new apartment just feels clean.

We got back to the old apartment for one last night to try and sleep here. Tomorrow will be very busy, but we’re looking forward to it.

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