Struggling with Bad News

Struggles and Bad News

I’ve been struggling with my breathing these last few days due to the combined effects of seasonal allergies, COPD, and living in an apartment with horrible air quality. The fucking Bradford Pear trees should finish their annual pollen assault in a week or so, and we’ll be moving into a new apartment on Friday. COPD remains an issue that I’m dealing with as best I can because I want to avoid another hospital stay.

Speaking of hospital stays, my health problems seem absolutely insignificant compared to our friend in Pennsylvania. He is dealing with cancer and just had his car totaled in an accident. Thankfully, he was ok other than a badly bruised shoulder from the impact. To make his life worse, he called last night to let us know he was back in the hospital due to bleeding in his stomach, which is not a good thing.

His visiting nurse told him to either go to the hospital or due at home. So much for bedside manner, but I’m glad it worked and that he did go to the hospital. Today I will text him and hope for a speedy recovery for him. He has far too much to deal with for any one person to handle. His situation makes what I am going through seem game by comparison.

Hal and I would do anything we are asked to help our friend. The worst part is that there isn’t really anything we can do to help. If this COVID thing goes away soon enough, we will go to visit him, but no one can predict when the COVID situation will go away.

3 thoughts on “Struggling with Bad News

  1. I also hate Bradford Pear…..sorry to hear about your health problems….I hope you will be better soon…..Spring is not nice to people with breathing problems….be safe chuq

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