Another Milestone

Another Milestone

Hal and I passed another milestone this morning. We signed the paperwork for the new apartment and are all set to get the keys next Thursday and move next Friday. Wwe have moved so many times through the years that we are pros at this point. We are both looking forward to the new apartment because it is not in the complex we are in now. The breathing problems persist, and I am so tired of this feeling of exhaustion and shortness of breath.

I know that time here is growing short, but I still cannot wait to just get it over with and move to the new place. We took The Stooges to the new vet yesterday and they are in good health. That is a load off my mind because we never want them to be sick or ill if we can avoid it. That was the last big hurdle before we signed the paperwork this morning, and now we just must wait as I cough and wheeze here in the old apartment.

I took hell out shopping this afternoon. While we were out, I noticed that the Bradford pear trees are in bloom. This marks the start of spring allergy season for me, which is made worse with my breathing difficulties.

breathing difficulties. I’ve decided to wait in the car while he finishes shopping. This way, I will stay away from those damn trees and their fucking nasty pollen. It still beats being stuck in that old apartment.

We made it home and are in for the night. Tomorrow is the first day this week without some appointment or another complicating our schedule. We will still get out of the apartment for a few hours. One week from tomorrow, we will get the keys to the new apartment.



Potter Stewart once said that he knew obscenity when he saw it. I see it today with the headlines that, once again, after another mass shooting tragedy the gun industry is exploiting this tragedy to make money.

If this callous disregard for life lost doesn’t upset you, it’s probably because it happens EVERY TIME that there is a mass shooting. The cycle repeats and is never broken.



So. Now we know thew name of the shooter who killed ten people in Boulder, Colorado yesterday. His name is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, and this will automatically make him a terrorist to the media and the majority of the slack-jawed followers of the DumbShit Orange Nazi. Someone who commits a terrorist act such as, say a White man shooting Asian American women must be a mentally disturbed individual. The hypocrisy is sickening, but it always happens this way.

Whenever people can get their hands on guns without any trouble, things like this will continue to happen. I said yesterday that I was afraid that there was going to be a large number of victims. Ten victims is ten too many, but it could have been much worse. We have to face the fact that as a nation, we love guns more than we love life. These terrorist attacks happen far too often, but nothing ever gets done to address the problem, and that is too many guns that are too easy to obtain.