A Breathing Nightmare

A Breathing Nightmare

Ever since my string of hospital stays that covered the last four months of 2020, my breathing problems have been front and center of my life. Things that were not an issue in the past are now major inconveniences, if not dangerous problems.

This apartment we are in for ten more days is really causing me discomfort. Hal and I are convinced that there is mild somewhere in the walls. We both are constantly coughing and sneezing. But opening the windows, especially at night, presents a new problem with homes in this community and an adjoining subdivision burning wood in their fireplaces. The choking and irritation woke me up just now because it was so bad.

Even using oxygen, this environment is unbearable. I am constantly shifting eucalyptus oil scent to calm my sinuses and mask the unpleasant smells from the burning wood. To make things worse, this is an older apartment complex and there is a central control that determines whether our apartment ventilation system provides cooling or heat. Right now, the control is set to heat, but we really need cooler air circulated in here at night in order to sleep. We simply cannot wait to leave this place for good on April 2nd and get to the new place.

In the past, I felt guilty about my medical condition dictating another move for us. But as Hal has started to suffer ill effects of his own, we now know that this is just a place we need to leave. I hope, for both our sakes, that the new place will not have any problems like this one.

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