22 MARCH 2021

22 MARCH 2031

The week starts with another follow-up visit with my pulmonary doctor, as well as the continuing preparation for our move on April 2nd. That preparation is going nicely, and we’re ahead of the game.

I also have made a few critical decisions on other things. I canceled several news subscriptions this morning, and I will try to reduce my stress levels by stepping away from all the news that I can do nothing about. I have tried this before, but each time I have failed. I realize that I was accomplishing very little other than working myself into a state for no reason.

Spring is here, and our move signals a new beginning. I want to take this opportunity to start new things in my life as well. I am still progressing with my recovery, but I don’t know when or if I can return to work. My next milestone will be at the end of May and will determine quite a bit.

By the end of May, I’ll have been out of the old apartment for approximately two months, and I hope that my breathing is better by then. Even Hal has slight difficulty breathing in the apartment we’re leaving, and he’s never sick at all.

If I can return to work, I will. If it isn’t meant to be, it will just open another chapter in my life. Being on permanent disability would give Hal and me more time together, and we’re not getting any younger.

I’m still waiting for the doctor to show up here in the exam room. Probably a good time to stop writing and pick it back up later.

The doctor just finished with me and he is pleased with my progress. Thankfully, he wants me to stop taking Prednisone, something I am pleased about. He also wants me to try sleeping without oxygen and see how I feel, so I’ll try that tonight.

Now I’m home for a while and waiting for some deliveries before we can think about getting out for a time. It doesn’t matter where we go as long as it is away from this place.

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