Bad News From A Friend

Bad News From A Friend

I got some bad news from a friend of ours who moved to Pennsylvania several years ago. He suffered a heart attack last year and has been struggling ever since. Recently, he has told me that each day he feels weak and run down. I urged him to see his doctor, and he finally relented today.

I just got a text from him and he said that the doctor determined that his heart is only pumping at 30% capacity. It is no wonder that he has felt so tired! He said that he will now get daily visits at his home from a registered nurse who will monitor him. He will also wear a life vest that alerts him and EMS about any irregularities with his heartbeat.

I am so sorry to hear about this, but I know that we all get older and start to fall apart at varying speeds. I have my own health issues, but his are much worse and I feel terrible and wish I could help him. All I can do is be here for him to talk to when he needs to get things off his chest (no pun intended) because I don’t know what his exact situation is there in Pennsylvania. 

I will have more to say about my own condition in the near future, once things start to clear up and come into focus.

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