There are few positive things one can say about Insomnia. Tonight, I experienced one of those rare times when something good happens when I can not sleep. I got my notification that I can finally receive my COVID vaccine (the first shot) on Wednesday.

Even though I am in a high-risk group, the roll-out has been both painfully slow and increasingly frustrating around here. The local officials never had a real plan that was communicated to the public, and that made things worse.

Now that I know I will start the series of shots on Wednesday, I can almost look forward to everyday life. Before any of that happens, I’ll need to make sure that Hal got his notification and can schedule his vaccination as well, hopefully on the same day at the same location. Regardless, I’ll make sure to take him.

Starting the vaccination process is a big step. We’ve been patient and waited for our turn, and it has finally arrived.

Sometimes it is good to have insomnia.

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