Opinion | The Choice for Democrats in Congress: Go Big or Go Home.

The President’s party almost always loses ground in Congress in the midterms. But Democrats have the chance to defy the normal political gravity and gain ground in 2022—if they go big in 2021.America is still reeling from the historic crises of COVID and the economic devastation that followed. With many millions of Americans still unemployed and tens of millions more
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Opinion | Typical Republican: The Racism and Anti-Science behind Texas Gov. Greg Abbot’s Lifting of Covid Restrictions

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott this week lifted the Texas mask mandate and allowed businesses freely to open.Roughly half the deaths and severe illness owing to Covid-19 are among minorities, including African-Americans and Latinos, even though those two groups make up less than a third of Americans. State Sen. Borris Miles, D-Houston, tweeted, “Black
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Opinion | Global Obsession With Economic Growth Will Increase Risk of Deadly Pandemics in Future

As governments around the world roll out COVID-19 vaccine programmes and seek to kickstart their economies back to life, recovery seems to be within reach. However, hard questions must not be sidestepped. How did this pandemic happen? And how resilient are we to future global risks, including the possibility of deadlier pandemics?Importantly, COVID-19 was not a “black swan”
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Here Are the 8 Democrats Who Just Joined GOP to Vote Down Sanders’ $15 Minimum Wage Amendment | Common Dreams News

Here Are the 8 Democrats Who Just Joined GOP to Vote Down Sanders’ $15 Minimum Wage Amendment
“Every single Dem who voted against a $15 minimum wage should be primaried.”
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