26 February

Friday afternoon is here. We just got back from a grocery run, and we’re listening to some Jazz on Apple Music as we relax. Thankfully we made it home before any rain started. While the temperature is much cooler than the last two days, it is still far too warm for snow.

I don’t think we are going out again today. I bought two clusters of snow crab legs to steam for dinner.

I know I’ll be preparing pork chops by tomorrow because the chicken breasts are almost gone now. I am still amazed at how much we save when I cook here at home. The crab legs were much less than I would have paid at a restaurant.

I am looking forward to the new apartment because there will be more room in the kitchen. I hope the refrigerator and freezer are a bit more extensive as well. Regardless, both Hal and I are looking forward to the new place around the first of April.

Hal has decided to take a nap, so I’m starting as quiet as possible. I started the dishwasher right before Hal went to lay down. Once the dishes are done, I’m going to make the marinade for the pork chops.

I made the marinade and the pork chips will season overnight. I decided to save the crab legs for tomorrow is tonight u had some soup.