Moving preparation begins

23 FEBRUARY 2021

It has begun. Hal started putting boxes together and packing them this evening. We are moving on 02April, but we always start packing early so we can go through stuff and throw out imitation donate what we don’t need. The difference this move is that I’m in no condition to really help at all, so I’m just staying out of Hal’s way right now.

The first scene of attack is the curio cabinet in the dining room. Hal is wrapping all of the fragile items and packing them tonight. Nothing from there will be thrown out. I don’t know what room Hal will go to next, but I’ll support him as much as possible when he starts packing up another room.

Packing early really makes the whole moving process easier. I’m going to pack away all my clothes with the exception of 4-5 day worth of shirts, socks, underwear, etc to get me through until our move. The same with all my other junk. The less that remains out, the less we have to rush through at the last minute.

We’ll get the keys to the new apartment the day before the movers arrive. Since the new place is only about 5 miles from here, we’ll take several carloads of items that first day. My priority will be guitars, keyboards, and computers, along with items to set up one of the bathrooms as well as getting sodas and bottled water for the movers and toilet paper for emergencies.

We have moved so many times, everything is old habit for us. As long as we keep The Stooges isolated so they can’t run through an open door, we will be fine. We experienced a crisis years ago when Stevie Nicks wandered through an open door and we spent hours searching for her until we found her near the building.

Apparently,Hal is finished for the evening. He just stepped into the shower. I’ll wrap things up here for now, and hopefully, I’ll write more tomorrow.