Lessons from the Pandemic

One of the things I’ve learned over the last 12 months is that the price of food has risen. Because of this, the price for eating out or delivery has skyrocketed as well. I’ve been cooking more at home to save money, but I did decide to spend some money on a newer and larger steamer to prepare fresh vegetables quickly. I have two identical older steamers that are very small and are 30 years old.

They have served me well, but it is time for an upgrade.

The new steamer will hold corn on the cob easily. The old steamers barely had room for two halves of a cob of corn with no room to spare. I can also add more layers to this new steamer, which makes things so much easier.

It was my cooking today that made me decide to upgrade. I had to use both of the old steamers to make four cobs of corn, then turn around and use them both again for fresh asparagus. I knew it was time to spend a little to upgrade my cooking utensils.

For the rest of the cooking, I have chicken breasts marinating overnight to cook tomorrow, and then I only need to prepare mashed potatoes and salad. Besides the corn and asparagus I made today, I also prepared baked beans and green beans for some variety. I might prepare some stuffing as well for tomorrow if there is a package in the pantry.

I’m looking forward to cooking again tomorrow and enjoying another wonderful dinner here at home. When we move to the new apartment in April, a larger kitchen will make cooking more enjoyable. More storage space will be nice, too.