I am a Veteran. I served in the United States Navy, and I grow more disgusted each day as more of the domestic terrorists who invaded the US Capitol are found to be veterans as well. I clearly remember my oath to “Uphold and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States of America against ALL ENEMIES, foreign AND DOMESTIC.” I believe that any individual who took that oath and then, even year’s later, took part in domestic terrorism has violated their oath.

Those individuals should have their discharge paperwork reassigned to DISHONORABLE, if it wasn’t already. They should have any retirement, disability and/or medical benefits STOPPED IMMEDIATELY, and they should be ARRESTED FOR TREASON.

The ultimate penalty for reason is death. Let the courts decide. I have no sympathy for those traitors and offer no support to them or the other domestic terrorists. I opposed DumbShit Orange Nazi and republiKKKans for all my adult life, but I NEVER took up arms against my country. What they did is inexcusable, and they should pay the harshest price for their treason.

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