Cooking Time Again

Cooking Time Again

Friday is here. The weather is dreadful, so we’re staying home. I feel like pulling out the Instant Pot and making more spaghetti later today. Spaghetti is an easy meal to make, and I already made sure that I have the ingredients here with the last grocery delivery.

I love how quickly the spaghetti is ready using the Instant Pot. The days of boiling water and then cooking the spaghetti while making the sauce in another pot are over. I don’t make my sauce, but I add browned ground beef and green pepper and onion and mushrooms to the sauce in a jar that I use. Everything goes into the Instant Pot and is ready almost immediately.

After a late start to the day, I finally got things together, and the spaghetti is cooking in the Instant Pot right now. As stated earlier, prep time is minimal, and very few things to clean up. Cutting the green pepper and onion was the most time-consuming aspect. I set it to cook for 10 minutes so that the pasta will be al dente rather than too soft. The pressure up and pressure downtimes are essential, but since they require no attention, I don’t worry about them.

The perfect addition to the spaghetti would be a Little Caesar’s veggie pizza. I might order one to have with the spaghetti for dinner.

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