Can’t wait to move

Ready to go

For the last two days, my sinuses have been acting up and making me miserable. I have felt short of breath, but my pulse oximeter readings remain good. This time the breathing problem is in my head, my sinuses to be exact.

Hal tried setting up a portable fan to blow air OUT of the apartment, and we both noticed a big difference. There is a problem with this apartment and the air/atmosphere that affects both of us. I’m ready to move on to the new apartment, but that has to wait until April. Our lease isn’t up until then, and the complex we live in now won’t let us leave early without a massive penalty unless we can prove there is something in this apartment affecting us. Sadly, proving that to the landlord would cost as much money sd breaking the least, so we are counting the days until we can get away from here. I believe that we are just under eight weeks from moving as of right now.

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