This is my Mom. If she were alive, today would be her 96th birthday. She passed away in 2001, just two days short of her 76th birthday. Since I’m an only child, her funeral service was up to me. I did what she would have wanted. I put a little birthday hat on her head and placed a cupcake on top of the coffin because of her birthday.

I got strange looks from some of the alleged family and other visitors because of those actions. I ignored them because they didn’t know Mom as I did. She loved a good time and had a naughty side that loved riling people up. I know that she approvedl

Time does heal the pain of loss, but the memories live on. I think of Mom less than I used to, but that is a part of life, and both of my parents told me life is lived going forward, not in idle or reverse.

Happy Birthday, Mom

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