06 FEBRUARY 2021

More Snow???

I start this post on Friday night and wonder how relevant it might be better Sunday morning. We are under a Winter Storm Watch as of Friday afternoon. The forecast calls for snow to start after midnight Saturday into Sunday morning. I expect that we will be under a Winter Storm Warning sometime Saturday. At least it gives us the chance to make one last grocery run tomorrow before the weather turns nasty.

The sudden onset of winter comes as no surprise here. Every year we face terrible weather as the Presidents Day weekend approaches. Once we get through that weekend, we should be fine. However, that means we still have another week of this weather to endure.

I woke up to go to the bathroom, and my iPhone alerted me that now we are under a Winter Storm Warning, just as I predicted. While I was awake, I put in a grocery order to be delivered Saturday afternoon. There’s no point going to the grocery store with all the other people crowded into the same space.

Our Saturday has no obligations, and we can stay home, which is the most likely scenario. I can cook here at home, nothing fancy, but we have enough to get us through several days. As long as Hal and I have each other and The Stooges, we’ll be fine.

Sleeping wasn’t easy. Hal The Cst and Jax were making noise all night until I had to lock both of theem out of the bedroom. Without the noise, I slept until late morning. When I woke up , I had to make and approve changes to my grocery delivery order. Unfortunately, the hot dogs I wanted were out of stock.

As afternoon turns to even, I pause again to see what happens next. As Saturday slowly becomes Sunday, I’ll stop this post and start a new one tomorrow.

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