Awake at night

Awake again

I’m awake after going to bed early Monday night. I feel fine but I can’t get back to sleep right now. I may just get something to eat and hope that will make me tired enough to sleep. At least I don’t feel the overwhelming sense of exhaustion that usually plagues me when I can’t sleep.

I’m leaving bed and going to the kitchen. I’ll have some soup and try to get back to sleep after that.

The chicken tortilla soup was delicious. I added some diced onions and a bit if mustard to give it extra flavor. I’m also notorious for adding tons of crackers to my soup or chilibas well, so don’t judge me.

Hal The Cat was waiting for me when I got back into bed.

Sorry but the lighting isn’t the best in here.

I hope that things go smoothly today. There’s nothing on the agenda except the oxygen tank delivery rescheduled from Monday.

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