As I was going through my meditation this morning on the headspace app, I ran across another of the “Energy Shots” with Kevin Hart. The topic today was about decisions and overthinking. I remember writing about this myself years ago.

We all have to make decisions every day. Still, sometimes a difficult decision on a subject we usually don’t deal with causes us to cross the blind from careful analysis paralysis.

Thinking through a difficult decision is reasonable. The analysis gives us a chance to gather information and make an informed choice. The problem comes when we focus more on the information we collect and forget the decision we have to make. It feels like we need a little more information to decide.

This leads to not making a decision. Our lives get screwed up because we’re stuck on the issue and what to do with it. We need to listen to our gut, our instinct, because that will guide us through the block to a resolution.

We are trained to believe that our brains can solve any problem. Sometimes that involves letting the brain delegate the decision making authority to the gut, or instinct.

Something to think about, but don’t let it paralyze you.

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