Dead Blogs

I took some time to tidy up my email because I had so many blogs notifying me every time someone created a new post. I was getting overwhelmed by the volume of emails, so I change the periodicity for notifications.

After I cleaned up the notification settings, I decided to check the blogs I follow to see how active they were. Not surprisingly, most were up to date, some had no recent activity, and several had no posts in a year or more. I unfollowed the abandoned blogs; there was no point in tracking them any longer.

I wonder what has to the people who created those abandoned blogs. I hope that it was nothing more than a lack of interest on their part; I don’t wish any calamities on anyone. I was guilty in the past of ignoring my blog. When I started writing again, I swore to myself then I would not abandon my blog also, but if I did, I would delete it altogether.

I’ve written about the discipline required to maintain a blog and keep it interesting at the same time. Circumstances that people deal with change, priorities get rearranged, and blogs often fall to the wayside.

I think in the future that a six-month window is fair. The next time I go through the list of blogs I follow, if there’s no activity for six months, it is time to unfollow that blog.

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