Dead Blogs

I took some time to tidy up my email because I had so many blogs notifying me every time someone created a new post. I was getting overwhelmed by the volume of emails, so I change the periodicity for notifications.

After I cleaned up the notification settings, I decided to check the blogs I follow to see how active they were. Not surprisingly, most were up to date, some had no recent activity, and several had no posts in a year or more. I unfollowed the abandoned blogs; there was no point in tracking them any longer.

I wonder what has to the people who created those abandoned blogs. I hope that it was nothing more than a lack of interest on their part; I don’t wish any calamities on anyone. I was guilty in the past of ignoring my blog. When I started writing again, I swore to myself then I would not abandon my blog also, but if I did, I would delete it altogether.

I’ve written about the discipline required to maintain a blog and keep it interesting at the same time. Circumstances that people deal with change, priorities get rearranged, and blogs often fall to the wayside.

I think in the future that a six-month window is fair. The next time I go through the list of blogs I follow, if there’s no activity for six months, it is time to unfollow that blog.

Waiting for the Snow

Waiting for the Snow

Saturday morning is here, and the weather forecast has changed from a Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Storm Warning. This means the new forecast calls for 4-8” of sniw with some ucivg possible. The shitty weather should start after midnight tonight, so if there is anything we need to do we should do it today.

We haven’t had real snow in about 2 years. Whether we get the promised snow tomorrow remains to be seen. I have no preference for the snow; my opinion doesn’t make any difference. We will be safe and happy here at home, regardless of what happens.

I do feel sorry for those who have no home. It is awful to be homeless when the weather gets cold. I hope that those people can find shelter from the cold.