Mr. Blue Sky

Blue Sky

A valuable lesson I learned from HeadSpace involves the bright blue sky we all know and love. We associate a clear blue sky with good times and good memories. Things seem more comfortable and more serene when the skies are blue.

But there are times when clouds appear in the sky. Sometimes the clouds are just drifting along, and we don’t give them much thought. They don’t fill the sky, and we still see the bright blue sky we all know and love.

Unfortunately, we also have times when dark storm clouds appear and completely erase the blue sky from sight. We get sad and depressed, and if the storm clouds are particularly ominous, we are afraid.

What we need to remember when the skies are dark is that, above the clouds, the blue sky is still there where it’s always been. If we got in an airplane and flew up through the clouds, we would find that blue sky waiting for us.

Remember that no matter how dark the clouds make it seem, the blue sky is always there.

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