Mr. Blue Sky

Blue Sky

A valuable lesson I learned from HeadSpace involves the bright blue sky we all know and love. We associate a clear blue sky with good times and good memories. Things seem more comfortable and more serene when the skies are blue.

But there are times when clouds appear in the sky. Sometimes the clouds are just drifting along, and we don’t give them much thought. They don’t fill the sky, and we still see the bright blue sky we all know and love.

Unfortunately, we also have times when dark storm clouds appear and completely erase the blue sky from sight. We get sad and depressed, and if the storm clouds are particularly ominous, we are afraid.

What we need to remember when the skies are dark is that, above the clouds, the blue sky is still there where it’s always been. If we got in an airplane and flew up through the clouds, we would find that blue sky waiting for us.

Remember that no matter how dark the clouds make it seem, the blue sky is always there.



I am getting ready for bed and what I hope will be a good nights sleep. I got a lot done today, and I feel good about it. I took care of things that had been piling up, as well as appointments today, and on top of all that, I also blew past my step milestone for the day. That means tomorrow I will try to better today’s total.

Wednesday was the first day in over a week where I felt like myself. I’ve been hitting the wall in my recovery, I knew it but exhaustion kept me from doing anything to correct it. I started to get depressed and turning on myself because there was no one to blame for my failure but me.

It’s never a good thing to start hating yourself. It only leads to pain and depression. The negative feelings are like poison to the body, and they show no mercy. Depression feeds on itseelf. The more depressed you feel, the more depressed you’ll become. There is no limit to how lie you can take yourself. Breaking that mindset gets more challenging every day.

That is why a feeling of accomplishment is so important. It gives us self-recognition for the things we do right.