Another week is finished. I’m doing my best to stay positive and engaged with everything around me. I want to feel better and to have a memorable weekend. Nothing is preventing me from a great weekend right now. The only pressing task I have is to send flowers to Sue’s funeral if I get the information in time.

I changed my mind, and instead, I ordered a tree planted in Sue’s memory. It lasts longer than flowers, and it was cheaper than flowers too. With that, I’ve fulfilled my obligation to everyone.

Now I can rest for the residue afternoon . I’ll have some chicken and egg noodles for dinner later on. Tomorrow is a new day with endless possibilities to explore.

Progressive International Calls on Biden to End Illegal US Sanctions Responsible for ‘Untold Death and Devastation’ | Common Dreams News

“Biden must take urgent action to restore the right of all countries to have sovereign relations with the world, untrammeled by U.S. interference through their sanctions policy.”
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