Social Distancing

Social distancing has now become a part of everyday life. Yesterday was my birthday, and for the first time we didn’t go out for dinner. Instead, we ordered the meal and picked it up and brought it home to eat.

This part of Virginia still has indoor dining, with occupancy restrictions, but Hal and I agree that sitting in an enclosed restaurant is both stupid and dangerous. Especially in an area near I-95 with people traveling all up and down the East Coast. The danger is the person/s who are carriers and don’t realize it.

Atleastordering the food and picking it up eliminates the contact with the people who come into the restaurant from the interstate. There is no perfect solution, but we do the best we can. This is the social distancing everyone has become familiar with.

No one knows how much longer the pandemic will last. We don’t plan on letting out guard down anytime soon regardless of the vaccines.

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