Sad news

A cousin died from COVID-19 earlier today. She was much older than me and wasn’t in the best of health to start. The disease hit her very hard. She wasn’t able to eat or drink for more than a week bed she finally died.

She was the first, and I hope, the last, family member I know to die from COVID. I feel terrible for her only surviving son, who is a year older than me. We were not close but still family.

Sue, my cousin, was a sad person for most of her life. She was timid and afraid of almost everything. It seemed that her life was spent doing what other people told her to do. She was nervous and high-strung to the point it affected those around her.

Sue was one of three cousins from that branch of the family tree. She was the middle child, her younger sister died years ago and now her older sister is left. I have always been closest to the older sister, who is 89 years old and in decent health. I hope that she deals with the situation calmly. I don’t want to lose her as well.