A Beginning

I hope that today will be a particular day. In addition to my birthday, I look forward to the country returning to a more normal routine. We need time to recover from the reign of DumbShit Orange Nazi and repair the damage he caused.

It would take far too long to list the things wrong that DumbShit Orange Nazi has done. More than 400,000 dead is just a starting point. I hope that we never make such a terrible mistake again. I want to turn the page and move forward to better things.

That doesn’t mean DumbShit Orange Nazi and his sycophant followers should evade justice. The unpleasant task of punishing them for their illegal activities must be pursued and completed to produce closure.

When it comes to this blog, I will focus on leadership and how they respond to Progressive causes. Because I support the new administration does NOT mean that I won’t criticize them. They need to earn my support continually; it isn’t automatic.

Let’s resolve to go forward together without a lunatic in charge.

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