Death to Traitors

I am tired of DumbShit Orange Nazi and his sycophant followers destroying this country. He was defeated in the election but refused to acknowledge this fact. It should come as no surprise since DumbShit Orange Nazi, and his minions are allergic to facts in the first place. The only things they believe are the steaming piles of shit vomited from the mouth of DumbShit Orange Nazi.

The attack on the US Capitol by these domestic terrorists was planned and instigated by DumbShit Orange Nazi. He and everyone involved should be arrested, projected, convicted, and sentenced as quickly as possible. I usually hate to say this, but the death penalty is appropriate for all those who want to ignore our elections’ results and use violence to overthrow our elected government. We can’t execute them fast enough.

Terrorism like this is what happens when our system of government is allowed to become a popularity contest, where sound bites are worth more than principles, plans, and positions in the issues. We brought this on ourselves, and we have to correct it. We created the situation enabling DumbShit Orange Nazi to be in power in the first place. He made the ugly environment that gave birth to the mob.

I served this nation in the US Navy, and I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, not a fucked-up DumbShit Orange Nazi. It is worth noting that when Hitler came to pick in Germany, he changed the loyalty oath of the military from loyalty to the German state to allegiance to Hitler. We can’t allow that to happen here.

I have no sympathy for domestic terrorists. I have even less for those who enable them, whether politically, financially, spiritually, or otherwise. Those enablers deserve the same penalty as the domestic terrorists who entered the Capitol on January 6th.

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