Moving Delay

Today Hal and I secured that we are pushing our move date back one month. This decision is the result of finding out that our lease here is 13 months instead of 12.

I wouldn’t say I like the decision, but I don’t have another choice due to financial constraints. The smartest decision is to wait for the additional month and move later.

We both believe that this apartment is a contributing factor to my health problems. For that tea alone, I want to leave at the first of March. I have to take extra care of myself until April instead of March.

Trying to maintain contact with a friend

I’ve made an effort to reach out to our friend who is undergoing chemotherapy without a response. Knowing how he is, there are any number of reasons he hasn’t responded. Hal would point out that our friend is a Scorpio, and that makes him secretive.

I got a curt response the day after my text. I knew that he would respond exactly that way. Since he is several hundred miles from us, I’ll accept his message and wait to hear back from him. Through the years, I’ve learned not to let his behavior upset me. I know enough to wait for him to contact me when he wants to talk, and that might be a while. I know I’ve made the effort at this end, so it is up to him.