15 JANUARY 2021

After a stretch of nights with great sleep, insomnia has returned to my life. I will start Friday on less than two hours of restless sleep, and I know from experience that it will be exhausting by the middle of the afternoon.

At least I have a theory about what is causing this round of insomnia. The apartment complex has been full of landscape workers in the last few days due to the warm weather we’ve had. I  don’t know what type of chemicals they might be using, but since the apartment doesn’t have real air conditioning during the winter, we have to open windows at night to produce airflow.

I believe that the two items are directly linked and contributing to my insomnia. Thankfully, we’ll move to the new apartment in 46 days. We’ve only looked forward to a 

move this badly once before, and that turned out to be an excellent move for us.  I believe that insomnia will ease after the move as well. I will always think that this apartment contributed to the awful health issues of the last four months.

Anyway, I will try to make the best of Friday and remain calm. If we need anything, I will make sure we get it. I plan to make a marinade and let the roast season, then cook it in the Instant Pot either tomorrow evening or Saturday. I’ll also have potatoes and onions in the Instant Pot as well. Cooking meals certainly saves money in the long run, although paying for a decent roast is expensive to start the process. I’m lucky because I love to cook, and the Instant Pot makes it easy. Other than cooking asparagus, there’s nothing to do for the next meals from the roast. 

I need to stay in touch with a friend who is taking chemotherapy treatments. He lives in Pennsylvania and has for several years, but we have stayed in touch since he left DC. I wish we could see him in person, but I know that I can’t drive long distances due to my medical issues. I don’t want to put off calling or texting Mark because one of these days will be the day one of us isn’t here any longer. We are all getting older, and time is relentless.

I’m already bracing myself for news that one of my cousins back in Kentucky has died from COVID. When I spoke to family earlier this week, I got the bad news. The cousin and I were never close, but she is from Dad’s side of the family, and that side has always been normal and supportive. I’ve never asked for more than that. Hearing about my cousin goes to show how bad the pandemic still is. The idiots who deny this is happening are insane. Even though my cousin will be the first family member I know of to die from COVID, doesn’t mean that Hal and I haven’t been taking the pandemic seriously.

Oh well, it is 0500, and I’m going to try and sleep.

I woke up after some sleep and told Hal about my theory of the landscaping chemicals and my health. He agreed with me. After our conversation, I made some marinade and then tenderized the roast before putting the roast in the bag to soak up the marinade overnight. 

Hal is on the phone with some of his family, and I’ve tried to get in touch with our friend who deals with cancer. He responded to my texts but never answered back when I asked how he’s doing. He can be secretive at times so that I won’t push him. It’s enough to know that he’s answering some of them.

There are no plans for Hal and me right now, at least not that I know about. I can always think of something that I could use from the grocery store, but that doesn’t mean that we have to go today. I wouldn’t mind just taking a drive to get out of here for a while.

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