Simple Joys

Today I decided to go for my goal of 4000 steps all at once. I’ve been meeting my goal with the daily total but not counting all the steps at one time. I made it to about 1500 steps before I knew I’d reached my limit for the time being. 

Walking is such a simple joy. To think that I’m so limited right now disappoints me. I know I’ve been extremely ill, but I am slowly recovering.

At least I have a starting point for future improvement. In the same way that I’ve increased my total number of steps, the same method can now be applied to dedicated walks each day. 

Another thing for me to keep in mind is that I want to walk on flat surfaces as I regain my strength. Therefore, I won’t view this as a setback but rather as a starting point to improve. I will try to get 4000 steps in today, no matter what.