13 JANUARY 2021

I’m enduring another day of recovery here at home, and honestly, this isn’t one of the better days. My neck and upper back are too sore for one unknown reason. I need to take a hot shower to relax those muscles before I do anything else.

I want to surpass my step goal for today, so I need to get moving. 

I want to test the Inogen One machine I bought used a few days ago. The battery w was faulty, so I ordered a used battery, and it seems to be working just fine. I’ll take a walk around the apartment building to start and then expand my horizons. I’m not sure I’ll make the 4000 steps today, but I’ll try. A trip to the grocery store will help get my step total up for the day. 

I have at least one prescription to pick up, and I’m going to see about a toast for the Instant Pot to cook as the weekend approaches. Hal will get whatever he needs, and if there is anywhere else he wants to go, we’ll do that while we’re out. I want to keep myself active as much as possible and make sure my blood glucose level stays in range. 

The evening Is here. The grocery store trip is complete. Life is good.

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