11 JAN 21

I got to bed very late last night. It was my fault because I saw that the reruns of 0Archer” were on TV and I decided that I just had to watch. At any rate, I slept very well and woke up feeling good, although I realize I need several more nights of good sleep to reach 100%.

I’m focused on a friend who is getting his weekly chemotherapy treatment today. I hope that everything goes as well as possible for him. I will try leaving him a message this evening, but he’s usually too tired and sick to talk after a treatment session. 

I haven’t turned the TV on yet. Part of me wants to avoid tv altogether right now. I have my firm belief that every last republican is a traitor who should be locked up, and there’s nothing that will change that opinion. As much as I want to stay informed, there is the information overload that I need to be concerned about. 

Hal and I have no plans that I’m aware of at this time. If he needs to go somewhere, all he has to do is ask me. Until then, I will wait for my O2 supplies to be delivered, I hope. I got a call that they were on the way, but last week they never showed up by knocking on the door. I only left a note, but two people here in the apartment never heard them knock on the door. I had to pick up the supplies myself last Wednesday because the company lied about rescheduling my delivery to last Tuesday. 

In a stunning development, the O2 supplies arrived, and the delivery man KNOCKED on the door this time. That completes one of the few tasks that had to happen today. Now I can relax and try to maintain my blood sugar level. 

To relax, I’m listening to some 311 this afternoon. I’m also planning dinner for Hal and me this evening. We have at least one chicken breast, some sirloin steaks with mushroom gravy, and egg noodles for main courses. I can make side dishes and a salad quickly. My plan is still to make spaghetti for tomorrow in the Instant Pot. 

For some reason, inspiration just isn’t coming easily today and writing is a real struggle. Once I reach a finishing point with this blog post I am consciously not writing again until this evening at the earliest.

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