I’m trying to get to sleep tonight, but it won’t happen easily. I remain, for lack of a better word, unsettled. This feeling is starting to wear me down. It saps my energy and leaves me feeling drained and exhausted. 

I try to identify the source of this unsettled feeling, but it still eludes me. I strongly suspect that it has something to do with my birthday and Inauguration Day, which are the same. All of the talks about further violence on that day in DC is concerning to me. 

I look at this situation as a test of my resolve to control my emotions and passions since I can not control other people’s actions. To worry about those things is pointless and will negate any progress I’ve made so far in trying to control my temper. 

I need to get back into meditation quickly to stop this pattern of unhealthy emotions from consuming me. I have made too much progress to throw it all away now. I need to refocus on exercise and to stay away from negativity as much as possible from now on. I also want to resume Yoga, as well. Anything to sync body and mind rather than have them independently roaming around.

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