Learning To Take My Time As I Write

One thing I’m learning as I struggle with insomnia is that I do need to take more time when I write. Far too often, I find myself rushing through the writing process without any need. I am not in a rush for any valid reason. Perhaps it comes from boredom, maybe something else. Whatever the reason, I need to slow down and concentrate on the articles I am writing and those I repost from other sources.

I need to recognize that I can walk away from a draft blog post and return to it later without losing anything. I usually remember something while I’m out that I would have never included had I rushed through things. A break of a few minutes won’t adversely impact the world because I’m not that clever or great a writer. 

I can relate this to my days in college when papers were typed on a typewriter 

Yes, I’m that old. The hours of painstakingly careful typing, only to make an error at the bottom of the page immediately, followed by profanity that everyone on the dorm floor could both hear and commiserate with, told everyone that a typewriter was in use. You could always pay someone who typed professionally for a living to prepare your paper. Still, if there was an error, you were never able to get it corrected because the typist was so busy working on other peoples’ pieces simultaneously with the same deadline. Those were the days that taught me the value of writing carefully. 

Then along came computers with word processing software that made everyone a dangerous typist. Typography errors might be reduced, but contextual errors skyrocketed because people became obsessed with quantity over quality when they wrote. 

The underlying issue was still the same. No matter what type of error was more likely to occur, it was the haste and rush that caused those errors in the first place. 

And so I have finished my rant for now. I did take several breaks while writing this post, and I did rely on Grammarly to keep my writing errors to a minimum.

I hope this was an entertaining read.

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