Hey, Democrats

I am tired of the posturing that the Democrats are engaging in regarding DumbShit Orange Nazi and impeachment. I wholeheartedly agree that DumbShit Orange Nazi should be impeached, convicted, and thrown in jail, along with every member of his corrupt family who has held a government position. I include the Skank Ass First Ho as well.

So, I agree with the Democrats. True, but only to a certain degree. I have a crucial question for the Democrats. What in the fuck took you so long to react to DumbShit Orange Nazi and his unbalanced behavior?

Is it because you were actually in physical danger? Did that convince you that it was time to act? I give you credit for removing your head from your ass long enough to see what goes on, but please stop acting as if DumbShit Orange Nazi did something unexpected. Warning signs were flashing for weeks before January 6th, but you chose to ignore those warnings. Why? When you are directly affected, then you decide to act. I can’t respect the extreme behavior you are demonstrating when you willingly chose to let the American people suffer at the hands of DumbShit Orange Nazi while you were unaffected. 

Punish DumbShit Orange Nazi and his sycophants to the fullest extent of the law. Just remember that you should have taken this principled position four years ago.

Thanks for showing up to the party, eventually.

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