I’m about to stop writing and go to bed. I hope that I’ll have good luck sleeping tonight, but I’ll have to wait and see what happens.

I did sleep for a few hours, but now I’m wide awake, and it isn’t even 0300 yet. It adds up to another long night with naps during the day in between any errands we might have. 

Cooking will take up part of the day. With Hal’s help, we will have chicken breasts for several meals by this evening. Hal will do the actual cooking while I supervise since Hal won’t want me bending over anywhere near a hot stove. We’ve run this configuration before while cookie pork chops, and those came out delicious. 

Naturally, my blood sugar dropped like a rock and I’ve been up all night as a result. I’m trying to get the level back to criterion but it can take awhile.

Drinking orange juice helps, but again, it can take forever to work. I’llend up drink two large glasses of orange juice the time things are back to normal. After more than 30 minutes of effort, my blood sugar has returned to normal levels. At least I know that I’ll sleep alright later today.

I hope that things remain calm and I can catch up on sleeping via naps throughout the day. Days like this just make it impossible to get my sleep back on schedule. Perhaps I’ll talk to a friend or two during the day, who knows? 

I slept until 1000 when u woke up with my blood sugar levels plummeting once again. Trying to stabilize things for the day.

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