Joy of Cooking (Supervising)

One of the things that I’ve adjusted to since coming home from the hospital is not being allowed to cook in the kitchen. Hal insists that I let him do the cooking so I won’t have to bend over or worry about vertigo near a hot stove. Of course, Hal has never been the cook here, but I am glad to teach him as we go along. 

Today is chicken beast day. There’s nothing complicated about cooking chicken breasts. The real work is making the marinade for the day before. I have a haphazard recipe that I use for the marinade that is never exactly the same from one time to another. 

Hal seems to enjoy learning to cook. I enjoy the time together with him spent in the kitchen just talking in between turns rotating the chicken breasts. We talk and pay attention to The Stooges as they wander in and out of the kitchen. Once the chicken breasts are done, we can have a late lunch and also have dinner all ready for later. 

I don’t know how long Hal will insist that I don’t cook. I miss the activity itself, but I have also come to love this time together. If it is the new normal, then I’m a very lucky man. But I already was a very lucky man because I’ve had Hal in my life for the last 21 years. 

Our time in the kitchen flies by. It seems like the chicken breasts are ready in no time at all. Everything smells delicious and I know it will taste even better. Hal might let me prepare one of the side dishes, such as the instant potatoes, or baked beans. 

I have to admit that I was wrong. I just finished one of the chicken breasts, the ones I predicted would be delicious, we’re not. They were AWESOME!! I never had such a wonderful meal in my life. Well done, Hal 🥰

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