Friday Rambling

It’s hard to believe that Friday is here at last. This week has been hectic for everyone, nerves are frayed, and everything seems to be falling apart. I found myself struggling to stay calm through yesterday afternoon as chaos ensued, and we seemed powerless to stop it.

I hope that Friday will mark the beginning of a quiet phase to get us through the weekend. We all need a break from the insanity, but we can’t ignore what happened. Those responsible must be arrested and held accountable. I agree that DumbShit Orange Nazi should be removed or impeached immediately. These things will happen, or they won’t. It is beyond my control. 

My birthday is on the 20th, the same day Trump goes away. I wonder if the nation will survive until then. It seems a weird thing to say, but it is appropriate to ask at this time. Nothing would make me happier than an uneventful Inauguration Day, but rumors are already floating around about new attacks in DC on that day. Not the type of news I want to hear, but it would be foolish to ignore those rumors. 

Even without the domestic Nazi terrorists, my birthday will be relatively subdued. The pandemic means no chance at all for a birthday dinner anywhere other than at home. Since Hal isn’t an enthusiastic cook, I’ll end up preparing my birthday meal, so there won’t be any surprise. I’m sure that the whole day will be one of heightened tension. 

I wonder how long the nation can endure this stress? The pressure grates on everyone, and the effects are going to be apparent at some point. The break can be sudden and violent, or it can be a long, drawn-out process that seems less noticeable. There is no good option. 

This Friday will be unique, just like every other day, but with a lingering sense of foreboding, that has no definitive reason attached to it. I wish I could describe what I’m Feeling more precisely, but that isn’t happening right now. The description still eludes me.

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