The Day After

The day after an attempted coup here in the United States of America is a sentence I never thought I would use, but here we are still trying to figure out exactly what happened and what to do about it. There can be no mercy for those who decided that they would attempt to destroy this nation because DumbShit Orange Nazi told them to. There can be no mercy for those who felt that their privilege entitled them to act with impunity.

There can be no rest until every one of the domestic terrorists is identified, charged, and arrested for their crimes. DC is loaded with CCTV cameras, and there should be tons of video evidence to identify those who committed crimes. 

No one involved should receive leniency of any kind. Justice should be swift and brutal because these domestic terrorists care nothing about our country. Yesterday proved that much to the nation and the world. The DumbShit Orange Nazi who provoked the attack should be removed from office immediately and arrested along with his entire corrupt family. They deserve no mercy at all. 

Congress must launch out fun to identify weak points in our security systems. Why were there so few police present knowing that DumbShit Orange Nazi was begging his sycophant followers to become domestic terrorists? A more assertive response was needed but failed to materialize for too long. It would be a different story if BLM protestors replaced the Nazis. The blood would still be flowing because there would have been a massive police presence and an overwhelming show of force used. There’s no point denying the blatant double standard any longer. The discrepancy in treatment has to be acknowledged and corrected. As long as the Nazis were White, there would be an allowance of violence that we saw yesterday. As long as the Nazi traitors carried Confederate flags, they would be treated with kid gloves. This shit has to stop!

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