Needed A Break

I needed a break today. While our 21st anniversary was pleasant, the awful news of the day was exhausting. I managed to keep my cool and never lost emotional control, but mentally I was exhausted. 

Today I was following the news, but I walked away from time to time so I would have a clear head, not one cluttered with too much information. The concepts are so vast that we are still trying to fully understand what is going on in this crazy world. 

I posted some items I found interesting, but I couldn’t find the inner motivation to sit and write, I was just too tired to try. I’m sure that I’m feeling like a lot of other people today, I just hope that as a nation, we find the inner strength to deal with the crisis effectively. 

We need to take strong action against domestic terrorists. There can be no mercy shown to them because they will never behave in a civilized manner. Trump must be removed for office immediately and then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. His enablers deserve the same treatment, and his family needs to punished as well.