January 6th is a memorable day for me. January 6, 2021, marks the 21st anniversary of meeting Hal for the first time. I remember being nervous, as with most first dates. Still, there was an obvious connection formed during our evening at dinner, followed by a movie (Galaxy Quest) and then several romantic hours spent together. 

By the end of that night, we both agreed that we wanted to see each other again. We did and unknowingly started our relationship that has endured to this day. We have seldom been apart, and never for reasons of anger or disagreement. Our brief separations have been due to family issues and hospital stays. 

We have gone through life events that can tear apart weak relationships such as career changes, deaths in the family, and the resulting chaos, moving from one area to somewhere new, etc. And still, Hal and I are together. 

When Hal’s vision got too bad for him to drive, there was never any hesitation about me taking him anywhere he needs to go. When I was hospitalized, Hal was there for me. As I recover at home, he takes charge and supervises my recovery. 

We are parents to three cats, who have changed through the 21 years. Now we have Stevie Nicks 

Hal The Cat

And, Jax The Cat

We are all one happy family based on love, and the bedrock is Hal and I being together for 21 years. 

That is why today is a special day. I hope that everyone out there has a special day of their own as well.

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