A Very Different Anniversary

Today has been a memorable anniversary, but not in the way Hal and I would have liked. To spend the afternoon watching in a state of shock as Nazis attack and occupy the US Capitol building. I was afraid that something was goo to happen. I had no idea that things would be this bad. 

A news tickler just announced that a woman shot inside the US Capitol has died. I fear she will be remembered only as the first fatality of a Nazi uprising. One is too many, but I’m afraid the number of casualties will only go up.

The Nazis are already bragging about what they have done. The Nazis have said that things will get worse overnight. Honestly, I hope that they are shot on sight by the authorities and their bodies left on the streets to warn others. 

I also hope that the 25th Amendment is invoked and the DumbShit Orange Nazi is removed from office. If not, I have no sympathy for him or what happens to him. His disgusting family should be arrested too and imprisoned. Any republiKKKan who refuses to denounce trump should also be arrested and imprisoned.

Hal and I will remember our 21st anniversary as the day when the Nazis crawled out from under their rocks and announced their disgusting presence.