One -Song Playlist

If I get to make a playlist with only one song, what would it be? It would have to be a song that I never grow tired of, for starters. The song would need great music as well as great lyrics. The singer would require some extraordinary gifts to make the song new and refreshing each time it played.

The genre of the song isn’t critical to my decision. Besides my aversion to country and western music, I’ll listen to anything and find something to enjoy. The song wouldn’t be limited to an era of music either.

Since my options remain open, I have to narrow down my choices for one song. There will always be a song that I overlook, but as long as I am happy with the one I choose, I will be fine.

The song I chose has an exciting history. Stevie Wonder originally wrote it, but he was never able to complete it to his satisfaction. Stevie Wonder then gave the song to another Motown artist who thought he might work something out of the incomplete music.

This new artist made the song his own through some unique instrumentation, and his incredible voice matched with new lyrics.

The song became a hit and eventually a classic. It is one of, if not my all-time favorite songs, and it would work as a one-song playlist.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my one-song playlist. From the incomparable Mr. Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, I present “Tears of a Clown.” Please open the link below the image in either Chrome or Safari.

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